During these current times, DCFR has committed to providing content to our members that not only address global issues but also how the current climate affecting our local areas and beyond. 
Since Covid-19, we have moved our programs to a virtual program to provide continuous connection and communication between our members and respected speakers.
Like everyone, we are evaluting month by month on how and when to return to in-person events or to provide an option of virtual attendance. 
Please stay well and we hope to see you soon!





We promote knowledge of global affairs and a deeper understanding of the people and events impacting important policy choices. 
Typically, nine programs per year are held at elegant venues in Dallas such as the Hotel Crescent Club, the Petroleum Club, Arlington Hall or The Belo Mansion.
DCFR's unique programs take place most often over dinner and are designed to facilitate interactions between fellows in an intimate setting. Directs access to experts creates a Q & A environment that is not only informative and engaging, but lively and memorable. 

Upcoming Programs

Election Day

In November our Topic will be


Election Interference

Political Agreement

In November our Topic will be

Middle East

Relationship with the United States

Mosque in Moscow

In December our Topic will be


The opposition of the countries' government and leader

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