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Our Mission

The Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations (DCFR) is a nonpartisan membership organization supporting DFW's leaders in international relations and business. Through its activities, the collective membership fosters a greater understanding of international issues enabling members to better succeed in today's global geopolitical and economic environment. 

DCFR is an exclusive peer group comprised of leaders who are global practitioners from the business community, government officials, scholars, journalists, and other distinguished professionals.


All DCFR Fellows are subject to a stringent nomination and vetting process designed to ensure that the quality of our membership is high. 

How Do You Join the DCFR?

Meet Our Board.

Where We Began and How We Continue to Influence and Connect

Founded on January 18, 1987 to enhance the dialogue between leading citizens of Dallas and the practitioners and analysts of foreign policy, DCFR was established by the following individuals:
R Fisher.jpg

Richard W. Fisher



Philip O’B. Montgomery


Dennis O'Brien.jpg

Program Director

Dennis J. O’Brien

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