DCFR Fellow Values

Individual fellow values:

As the largest operating council under the Committee on Foreign Relations umbrella, DCFR has access to many high quality speakers
Strong history of identifying speakers with unique insight and international reach

Collegiality that results from selection process for membership

Time for interaction with thoughtful, engaging speakers and members

Business model funded via annual dues and sponsorships; avoiding pay at the door

Criteria that seeks high level membership engaged in international matters and thoughtful dialogue

Founders and members well-respected community, business and civic leaders

Chatham House Rule provide candid speaker discussion with membership

Members and their companies have opportunity for enhanced visibility via sponsorship of programs

High quality local and regional programming


DCFR members are elected on the basis of their demonstrated active and informed interest in foreign policy, international affairs, and international business. Nominations are submitted to the Board of Directors and the Membership Committee monthly for a vote. Elected candidates are invited to join and pay annual dues. There are two levels of membership:
Fellows. Candidates for full membership should be local leaders in their fields who have demonstrated experience and expertise in international affairs and are important to the development of North Texas as an international center. They should be able to contribute meaningfully to the support of DCFR programs with their time, talents, and resources.
Term Members. Individuals between the ages of 26 and 35 (inclusive) at the time of their application are eligible for term membership. Term member candidates should exhibit outstanding professional potential and a demonstrated interest in international affairs. Successful candidates may apply for full membership at age 36. Any candidate who is 35 or younger must apply as a term member.

Pay Dues