About DCFR

The Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations (DCFR) seeks to advance dialogue and understanding concerning global issues and to serve as a valuable resource on international policy matters affecting our community, our country, our planet, and the challenges we face globally.

Founded in 1987 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization, DCFR endeavors to fulfill this purpose with powerful effect by sustaining a spirited, intellectually alert, and internationally engaged membership.

Strategically, DCFR devotes all its available resources to the following mission-driven endeavors for promoting understanding of global affairs:

  • Promoting dialogue and understanding of global issues, international relations, business, and foreign policy among leaders in the Dallas Metroplex area and at the same time promoting Dallas to the World of international experts and global thinkers.

  • Connecting business and community leaders who are important to the future of North Texas as a thriving international center.

  • Initiating programs that serve members by expanding knowledge and facilitating frank discussions of relevant geopolitical issues.

  • Generating communications that emphasize independent, forward-looking solutions to pressing global policy problems.