Our History

The Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations (DCFR) is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization focused on exploring leading-edge developments in foreign affairs.

Through our members and programs, we promote greater knowledge of global affairs and a better understanding of the people, policies and events impacting present and future decisions.

Founded on January 18, 1987 to enhance the dialogue between leading citizens of Dallas and the practitioners and analysts of foreign policy, DCFR was established by the following individuals:

Richard W. Fisher

Philip O’B. Montgomery

Program Director
Dennis J. O’Brien

Steering Committee
J. Fred Bucy
Alan Coleman
Comer Cottrell
Robert L. Crandall
Trammell Crow
Lee Cullum
Robert W. Decherd
Stephen E. Guisinger
John R. Johnson
Raymond Johnson
Irvin L. Levy
Thomas W. Luce
Stanley Marcus
Morton Meyerson
Carter Montgomery
Robert D. Rogers
R. Richard Rubottom
Robert S. Strauss
James E. Brooks
Lee F. Jackson